Feb 1 – April 30, 2021: International Technical Assistance for DATA Program – Armenia

The goal of the technical assistance is to provide support to the CSOs short-listed for the “Data for Accountable and Transparent Action” (DATA) program (https://epfarmenia.am/project/Data-for-Accountable-and-Transparent-Action-Program) by:
Conducting a series of training workshops to strengthen research quality and the policy relevance of research activities, with pointers on research-to-action planning and communication of research findings to key audiences.
Developing a Problem Identification Checklist (PIC) to help determine the “advocacy potential” of issues of interest to CSOs.





WORKSHOP 6: Developing Policy Communications Strategies

Workshop 5: Quality Control for Research Products

WORKSHOP 2: Developing Analysis Plans

WORKSHOP 1: Identifying & Prioritizing Policy Issues

Session 1

Stakeholder Mapping and Analysis

Session 2: Prioritizing Policy Issues


Funding: USIAD/Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia

Lead: NORC at the University of Chicago, USA

Partner: The Urban Foundation of Sustainable Development, Armenia