US Special Representative

Steven J. Anlian (USA), the Urban Foundation Special Representative in the United States
(202) 302-5237

The Special Representative in the United States (US Special Representative) is the key liaison and interlocutor of the Urban Foundation with the US Government (USAID, US Department of State, etc.), as well as donors, implementing partners, Armenian-American organizations and having US offices. The role of US Special Representative is to explore new funding and partnership opportunities, as well as to seek sources of sub-awards for the Urban Foundation’s ongoing projects. US Special Representative also represents the Urban Foundation at conferences and meetings on international development and assistance to give the organization added exposure by supporting in business development, marketing, and public relations efforts.


US Special Representative Steven J. Anlian is an international development professional with extensive experience in multiple sectors including economic development, housing/infrastructure planning, community mobilization, democratization and local government capacity-building, environmental planning and design, disaster and post-conflict relief and reconstruction and sustainable recovery. He has managed large overseas assistance programs, both as in-country resident (many Chiefs of Party assignments for USAID) and from stateside HQ, over extended implementation periods, allowing him to monitor results and evaluate outputs, while also being highly successful in program/business development and marketing.

Armenia experience of Steven J. Anlian is of special value. He visited Armenia in 1989, after 1988 Spitak Earthquake and have worked over 15 years by raising funds and implementing projects in housing, local government and water sectors. His highest accomplishment in Armenia, that had real national impact, was the development and implementation of the “Armenia Earthquake Zone Recovery Program,” so far, the largest USAID-supported program in Armenia, which housed 7,000 earthquake-displaced households. Such profound understanding of Armenia context by Steven Anlian is a genuine asset when presenting priority needs in Armenia during the negotiations with potential donors.