Armen Varosyan


Armen Varosyan is a development expert with around 25 years of work experience of which more than 16 years in international organizations (Council of Europe, Counterpart International, Research Triangle Institute, Urban Institute, Armenia Assembly of America NGO training and Resource Center, the World Bank program implementation unit).  He managed large and small projects and provided consultancy in different sectors (local governance, housing, strategic planning, citizen participation, inter-municipal cooperation, public-private partnership/CSR, youth, waste management, elections, human rights, etc.), quite familiar with project design and management cycle, grants management cycle, developed project proposals to attract external funding for the projects (EU, SDC, Habitat for Humanity, Eurasia Foundation, Embassies (US, British, Norwegian, Japanese, etc.)), developed strategic plans, coordinated program activities with different stakeholders (government agencies, donor community, local NGOs, etc.).

Armine Tukhikyan

Armine Tukhikyan is a development expert with more than 25 years of experience in local democracy, public participation, capacity building for improved municipal services, environmental awareness and advocacy, in public and media relations. She acted as an expert and managed many projects in the aforementioned sectors funded by different international donors: USAID, EU, Council of Europe, UNDP, as well as Dutch, British and US Embassies. Armine Tuhkikyan is supporting the Urban Foundation in fundraising, donor relations, networking and project design. She developed project proposals to attract external funding for the projects (EU, SDC, Habitat for Humanity, Eurasia Foundation, Embassies (US, British, Norwegian, Japanese, etc.)).

Hayastan Stepanyan

Hayastan Stepanyan has around 40 years of experience as lawyer and more than 20 years of experience as a manager in different sectors including housing, urban development, real estate, water issues and municipal management. Particularly, she acted as a manager and expert for different housing and urban development project funded by Habitat for Humanity, USAID, SDC, UNHCR, ADB, WB, Council of Europe KfW and UNDP related to real estate, housing, earthquake and refugee housing, housing finance and housing management and maintenance. She also provides legal consultancy for the Urban Foundation. Hayastan Stepanyan is an author/co-author of number of publications and legal reviews related to the aforementioned sectors.

Charles Specht

Sashur Kalashian

Sashur Kalashyan is one of the Soviet and Armenian honored architects. From 1961 to 1972 he worked Armstateproject Institute, Yerevan Project Institute, and at the same time lectured at Yerevan Polytechnic al Institute (1964-1966). He was the Chief Architect of Gyumri and until 2000, he also was the Chief Architect of Armproject Institute. From 2000 now, he is the Deputy Director of Armproject. He has co-designed and built the Genocide Memorial, 1967, Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, 1995 in Yerevan. Gyumri, Kumayri State Historical-Architectural Preserve-Museum, Historical-Architectural Monuments (Sergey Merkurov, Aslamazyan’s Sisters Museum, Children’s Creativity Center, Dzitoghtyan Home-museum, Tsaghikyan Beer Factory) (Gyumri). Sashure Kalashyan is a co-author of a number of master plans (Gyumri, Shushi, Ashtarak).