Sep 2007 – Feb 2008 – Promoting Armenian-Turkish Cross-border Dialogue in Light of the Euro-integration Process: Vision for Regional Youth

The purpose of the project was to promote the ongoing dialogue between the young people and civil society representatives of Armenia and Turkey. The project focused on commonalities rather than existing contradictions between two countries. The topic of common discussion was selected European Integration processes of two countries. Through workshop and TV program in Turkey and Armenia young people discussed current state of Armenian -Turkish relations, the coexistence of 2 countries if in future they appear in common European family, and designed concepts for future cooperation.

Funding organization: Eurasia Partnership Foundation
Countries/Regions/Communities. Armenia, Turkey, Yerevan, Vanadzor Istanbul
Beneficiaries. 25 Armenian young people, 10 Turkish young people, 2 Armenian NGOs,
1 Turkish NGO
Partners: Marmara Educators Associations (Turkey);
European Integration NGO (Armenia)
Helsinki Committee of Armenia

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