Citizen Journalism training

Citizen Journalism training

Information is a powerful tool, especially given the endless opportunities provided by the modern media. Citizen Journalism is vital for raising community issues. Citizen Journalism is vital for voicing out community problems.

Therefore, the youth from Ararat and Armavir marzes took part in Citizen Journalism training organized by “Media Initiatives Center” NGO on 5 -7 March, in the framework of USAID funded “Participatory Utilization and Resource Efficiency of Water” (PURE-Water) and “Media for Informed Civic Engagement” (MICE) projects.

The aim of this training was to train the youth representatives of the stakeholder communities how to collect, report, analyze and disseminate news and information on water resource management using new media technologies.

Practical assignments and role-plays helped the participants to be more prepared for public speaking and communication with journalists, as well as to post only previously verified and 
The youth from the project partner communities of Vedi, Poqr Vedi, Aratashen and Yeraskhahun prepared news articles about important issues of their communities, in particular, regarding the water sector problems which should be published in the near future.

Among the participants were young members of the Community Councils, representatives from community working groups and Water User Associations (WUA), students and future journalists, who are interested in participatory, transparent and accountable water resources management.

The project is implemented by UFSD – Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, Country Water Partnership Armenia NGO and YSU Environmental Law Resource Centre.