Sep -Dec 2017 – “Cleaning-up Bjni”: investigation and reporting littering reasons of v.Bjni.

In the framework of the UNDP “Integrated Rural Tourism Development Project”, UFSD has analyzed the waste management and sanitary cleaning situation in one of the most attractive rural tourist destinations in Armenia –
Bjni of Kotayk region. Apart from the historic fortress and churches dating back to 9-10 centuries, there are many treasures of nature that provide exciting environment for hiking and leisure. The river Hrazdan that traverses
Bjni, represents additional attraction. However poor waste management practices, scattered garbage and littered riverbed create a dismal impression on the tourists.
Some of the recommendations based on the findings of the study are: Apply systemic approach towards waste management, elaborate an operational plan; Introduce waste separation striving to zero-waste target; Improve waste management in upstream Hrazdan city; carry out public awareness an
outreach activities including clean-up events, placing signs and visuals; clean the riverbed of the Hrazdan.

Funding organization: UNDP