Oct 2015 -Mar 2017 – Better Together: Joint Action for Conservation of Javakheti-Shirak Eco-Region

To promote the trans-border areas of the two national parks as joint protected area with unique ecosystem and similar social challenges and foster cooperation of bordering communities for conservation and sustainable development.
Information was shared with communities of the target area: 14 communities in Shirak and 11 communities in Samtskhe Javakheti, 700 people participated in the meetings. A series of environmental trainings were held related to topics of biodiversity: 150 people from Armenia and Georgia participated. Workshops for women were organized inShirak and Javakheti related to the addressing adverse affects of everyday houshold practices on the environment. Summer camp for 50 children from Javakheti region and 50 children from Shirak region were organize in Yeghnajur (Armenia) and Ninotsminda (Georgia). They helped children cast a fresh glance at the environment, be more informed about it, learn to protect and plants and birds. Beekeeper’s Guidewas prepared and beekeeping trainings were conducted for 40 farmers. 100 beehives have been procured and distributed to the beekeeprs.

Funding organization: European Union, Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation
Counties/Regions/Communities: Armenia, Georgia, Shirak region, Armenia and Javakheti region, Georgia
Beneficiaries: 700 people participated in the meetings (from 14 communities of Shirak region and 11 communities Samtskhe Javakheti region)
150 people were trained (Armenia and Georgia)
100 children – summer camp (Armenia Geogia)
40 farmers – beekeeping training
100 beehives