January 2018-March 2020։ DROP by DROP towards Efficient and Participatory Water Management and Use in Ararat Valley

UFSD received additional support from the global Coca-Cola Foundation (CCF) to enhance the USAID PURE Water activities particularly regarding behavioral change and youth activities.
Within CCF support a local network of “Citizen Scientists” was established comprising of youth, community working groups’ members and CSO representatives to carry out field work using ICT tools. Special emphasis in this network will be put on youth involvement. Around 50 young people brainstormed and presented their ideas about smart, innovative and efficient solutions of water problems in Ararat Valley. Best ideas will receive awards for implementation. CCF also contributed to publication and dissemination of public information materials on water resource management, organization of study tours to fisheries and wetland, providing open lessons for schoolchildren to raise public awareness and foster behavioral change among waters users and managers.

Funding organization: Coca Cola Global Foundation

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