Nov 2016 – July 2017 – Dialogue with the state and CSO structures for developing coordinated approaches in reducing plastic bags

The main goal of the project is to adopt coordinated approaches and practices of stakeholders on the reduction of the use of plastic shopping bags.
The specific objectives of the project are:
Development of a set of approaches and proposals aimed at reducing polyethylene bags as a result of comprehensive study and discussions with stakeholder groups.
Pilot implementation of developed recommendation in one pilot community with a view to update recommendations.
Project Outputs:
The legislative framework of the subject matter has been studied to develop recommendations for legal regulation aimed at reducing plastic bags
Best international practice has been studied, alternatives for plastic bag replacement alternatives were analyzed
Studies and expertise in legal, business, environmental education have been summarized in a jointly agreed package of recommendations.
Recommendations for the reduction of plastic bags have been implemented in the pilot community, parallel to wide public awareness and education.

Funding organization: UNDP UN Global Environmental Facility (GEF) SGc
Countries/Regions/Communities/ Armenia

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