May 2016 – Nov 2016 A step Ahead: Empowering former participants of FES seminars to become Experts on Armenia-EU integration issues

The goal of the project is to further build capacities of young activists – participants of previous seminars supported by FES, to upgrade and systemize their knowledge about EU-Armenia relations to act as trainers and focal points in the regions of Armenia.

The following results will be achieved:

  • 30 persons upgraded and systemized their knowledge about Armenia’s recent European integration: they produced position papers based on their knowledge obtained from previous seminars/workshops stating how they can contribute to increased awareness of population about Armenia-EU issues
  • Selected 10-15 participants elaborated mini-project based on their papers, describing in what way they would disseminate information about Armenia’s integration issues with EU
  • Selected 10-15 participants were supported to carry out their mini-projects
The Friedrich Ebert Sctiftung
Throughout Armenia
Beneficiaries. 30 persons upgraded and systemized their knowledge
15 participants elaborated and implemented mini projects

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