May – Oct 2005 – Awareness Building for Improved Urban Environment

The Project was designed to make the community aware that the garbage piled in their yards and surroundings from dismantled “domiks” and construction, which contains large quantities of asbestos, optical fibers, and other dangerous materials, poses a serious environmental hazard, including hazards to the health and life of children. An important aspect of the Project was mobilizing the residents of the target sites (refugees and residents of newly-built and reinforced buildings) to improve these areas. Hands-on training courses were conducted for the Initiative Group and for children. As a result of the Project, the target site was cleared of construction and other rubble with the direct involvement of the community, and a new recreation zone with playground was created in its place. Tree planting was organized by the residents, project implementing organizations, the Mayor’s Office, and donors. The improved site is now a pleasant area enjoyed by both adults and children.

Funding organization: World Bank and Open Society Institute Assistance