May 2022 – May 2023 Promoting Integrity and Public Ethics as Drivers of Good Governance

The Goal of the project is to introduce fundamental concepts and notions of integrity and public ethics to target communities using the European Scorecard for Public Ethics developed by the Council of Europe

The project will pursue the following objectives:

Objective 1. Adapting the European Scorecard of Public Ethics in light of the territorial-administrative reform and introduction of proportional electoral system.

Objective 2. Initiating expert discussion and review of the adapted scorecard involving stakeholders including the MTAI and the Corruption Prevention Commission (CPC).

Objective 3. Piloting assessment based on the adapted Scorecard in 5 municipalities and cascading in 10 others

Results of the Project

Objective 4. Analyzing the scores, and preparing the provisional national benchmark, and disseminating the outcomes.

  • A national scorecard of integrity and public ethics based on the CoE scorecard is developed, discussed and practiced.
  • At least 45 municipal staff and councilors gained clear understanding about notions of integrity and ethics
  • 5 municipalities have piloted assessment with the national scorecard and derived their own benchmark.
  • 5 municipalities have identified shortfalls in integrity and public ethics and have elaborated realistic measures to address some of them

Beneficiaries: 15 municipalities

Funding: Embassy of the Netherlands in Armenia

Implementer: the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development