Dec 2021 – Dec 2023 Reconstruction and Energy Efficiency Improvement of the Secondary School of Gargar Village and Piloting Renovations in Drinking Water Supply System

Goal: The general objective of the project is to improve the standard of living in the Gargar Village by providing grassroots solutions to the issues of education facilities (sufficiency and quality of space and energy-efficiency) and drinking water supply.


1.  Designing the construction plan for the construction of a second floor with four additional classrooms;

2. Designing the construction plan for the reconstruction of the internal network of the entire village drinking water supply system;

3. Implementation of the construction of additional classrooms, including energy-efficient windows ( and interior works;

4. Implementation of the partial construction of the main pipeline;

5. Technical inspection of the school roof and installation of a rooftop solar PV system;

6. External audit of the project; 7. Project management, including monitoring and reporting.

Beneficiaries: The project’s direct beneficiaries are around 189 schoolchildren studying in secondary school, 35 specialists and employees of the school (26 teachers and 9 administrative staff), 4 personnel from the medical center, both schoolchildren and 30 beneficiary attendants of sport hall, as well as 1492 residents (421 households) that will have improved access to drinking water.

Funding: Embassy of Japan in Armenia

Implementation: The Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, Armenia Energy Agency