USAID funded 5-year Civil Society in Action Activity official launch, APRIL 18, 2023

USAID funded 5-year Civil Society in Action Activity official launch, APRIL 18, 2023

YEREVAN – USAID funded 5-year Civil Society in Action Activity, implemented by Counterpart International in partnership with the Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development, has officially launched. The Activity aims to strengthen civil society organizations in Armenia by improving their financial viability, capacity development policy engagement, and deploying tools for locally led development through a flexible grants pool.

The launch event brought together government officials, civil society leaders, representatives of the private sector and other stakeholders to celebrate the project’s start and present its objectives, expected outcomes, opportunities, and challenges for mutually beneficial partnership.

The project will include a variety of activities such as organizing multi-stakeholder dialogues on CSO financial viability and fundraising, assisting CSOs in evidence-based policy discourse through research, fundraising and revenue diversification skills of civil society organizations, strengthening governance and management systems of community-based organizations in Armenia. These efforts will enable CSOs to effectively tackle local development challenges and implement innovative solutions.

“For the last 30 years, USAID has been the main supporter of civil society development in Armenia. With the new Civil Society in Action project we will continue investing in organizational and institutional development of Armenian CSOs. The project will harness the strength of Armenia’s CSOs and continue to strengthen the sector’s sustainability and financial viability,”said USAID/Armenia Mission Director John Allelo.

Ann Hudock, the CEO and President of Counterpart International, stated in her video message to attendees, “We are excited to build new partnerships, strengthen the old ones, and help Armenian civil society organizations achieve their aims. Counterpart supports local partners to build stronger and more resilient communities, and through those local leaders, organizations, and networks, we forge multi-sectoral community partnerships. The Civil Society in Action program is going to do just that.”