Nov 2022-Nov 2025 USAID/Local Works Program – CapSLoc: Capacities for Sustained Locally-Led Development

The Goal of CapSLoc is to increase the capacity and resilience of Akhuryan consolidated community to lead its development.

The project anticipates to achieve the goal through the following objectives:

Objective 1: to strengthen capacity and commitment of Akhuryan community to lead their development through continuous learning, identifying and responding to local priorities;

Objective 2: to enhance citizen engagement and oversight in decision making process of Akhuryan community through mobilizing settlements, equipping them with participatory decision-making and monitoring tools.

Activities under the Objective 1

Activity1.1: Establishing an “Academy of Local Works”

Activity 1.2: Building capacities of local leaders and knowledge transfer

Activity 1․3: Conducting community asset mapping by local leaders with the support of the local network

Activity 1․4: Establishing Locally-Led Development (LLD) Centers in the settlements

Activity 1․5: Piloting LLD models

Under the Objective 2:

Activity 2․1: Mobilizing community settlements to boost locally-led development

Activity 2․2: Promoting good governance through continuous public monitoring and oversight

Funding: USAID


Lead partner: “NGO Center” Civil Society Development NGO

Partners: The Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UF),  Armenian Caritas (AC), Women for Development NGO (WFD), Compass NGO

Beneficiaries: Akhurian multi-settlement community and its settlements: Akhuryan, Aygabats, Arevik, Basen, Karnut, Kamo, Hovit, Jrarat, Azatan, Getk, Erzagavors, Gharibjanyan, Akhurik, Arapi, Bayandur, Voskehask , Haykavan, Benyamin, Kaps, Vahramaberd, Marmashen, Hovuni, Keti, Pocharashen, Hatsik, Shirak, Jajur, Karmrakar, Lernut, Mets Sariar, Krashen, Jajuravan, Mayisyan, Hatsikavan, Akhuryan Kayaran.