Nov 2021-Nov 2022: A Helping Hand for Newly Consolidated Communities


Provide practical support to newly consolidating municipalities establish systems for effective and inclusive strategic planning of municipal services and policies in light of enlargement.


  • Elaborating capacity development topics, training modules.
  • Carrying out series of trainings/seminars on participatory strategic planning.
  • Delivering training by VNG International, NL, on the importance of accurate data management, how to get quality services based on Dutch experience.
  • Identifying priority issues to be addressed by the project through a prioritization methodology.
  • Supporting target municipalities to elaborate proposals and other needed documents (technical, engineering, cost estimations) to address the prioritized issues.
  • implementing infrastructure projects with sub-grants under close monitoring of the project team.

Funding organization: USAID
Countries/Regions/Communities: Tegh and Ijevan consolidated communities.
Partners: VNG International, NL, RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures