Oct 2015-May 2017 Common Solutions to Shared Concerns: Improvement of Solid Waste Management Services in Ijevan and Bolnisi

The overall objective of the project is to improve solid waste management (SWM) services for the residents of Ijevan (Tavush region, Armenia) and Bolnisi (Kvemo-Kartli region, Georgia) through jointly developing polices and introducing practices in the field.

The project specifically aimed to:
1. Develop jointly policies contributing to the improvement of SWM services in Ijevan and Bolnis.
2. Improve public/stakeholder education in two cities in environmental protection and particularly, in efficient management of solid waste.
3. Contribute to the introduction of a culture and practice of waste separation in two cities.

1. Policy documents are developed and adopted contributing to the improvement of SWM services in Ijevan and Bolnisi.
2. Residents and other stakeholders of Ijevan and Bolnisi have improved knowledge about environmental protection and are aware of efficient management of solid waste.
3. Waste separation is being practiced in Ijevan and Bolnisi

Funding organization: European Union, Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation
Countries/Regions/Communities: Ijevan, (Tavush region, Armenia) and Bolnisi (Kvemo Kartli region, Georgia)
2 waste management strategies (Ijevan and Bolnisi)
63 bins for plastic – Ijevan
53 bins for plastic – in Bolnisi
6 municipal staff of Ijevan and Bolnisi
500 schoolchildren and 150 residents educated in Ijevan and Bolnisi
600 residents participated in town hall meetings