Jun-Oct 2020: Capacity for Clean Environment: Plastic Waste Recycling in Alaverdi, Armenia

Goal: Support Alaverdi municipality in waste management through promoting environmental education among pre-school and school children and raising public awareness.

Anticipated results
• The residents of Alaverdi are more aware of reduction of generated waste due to dissemination of public information materials and posters.
36 teachers from schools and 24 teachers from kindergartens of Alaverdi are incapacitated in environmental education/waste management and able to transfer gained knowledge to the children in 18 schools and 12 kindergartens.

Together with Alaverdi Municipality contents for public information materials will be developed, to be published and disseminate to target audiences. Trainings will be based on the materials developed by the Urban Foundation and GIZ Manual on Waste management.

Funding organization: Lithuanian Embassy in Armenia
Countries/Regions/Communities: Alaverdi, Lori Region, Armenia. Beneficiaries of the project: Alaverdi municipality, teachers of kindergartens and schools, and residents.

Online environmental courses for Alaverdi’s schools and kindergartens

The online courses on “Alaverdi without plastic waste” (using the Zoom platform) for teachers of Alaverdi schools and kindergartenս startedօn July 7 of this year. The courses are organized within the “Capacity for Clean Environment: Plastic Waste Recycling in Alaverdi”project funded by the Lithuanian Government. The courses are conducted by experts of Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development. As a result of the training, about 60 teachers of Alaverdi schools and kindergartens will be acquainted with the issues related to waste management, as well as contemporary methods of organizing and conducting waste-related classes.

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