Jun 2020- May 2022: BeECO Joint actions for environmental protection in Black Sea Basin

The main objective of the project is promoting environmental protection in the Black Sea Basin through common education, awareness and river clean-up campaigns to reduce river and marine litter. BeECO aims to achieve the objectives and indicators of the program by:

  • organizing information and awareness campaigns among local communities;
  • organizing common clean-up activities on Danube River, Rioni River, Sevan Lake, and Beleu Lake;
  • developing an IT application that will allow the signaling waste areas along identified rivers and lakes;
  • the establishment of a mobile patrol for the identification and reporting of waste in the areas concerned;
  • organizing a capacity building campaign ( “3R-reduce, reuse, recycle”, “Environmental ranger”, “Environmental entrepreneurship”)

Funding organization: EU – Black Sea Basin Cross –border Cooperation Program

Countries/regions/communities: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Romania

Beneficiaries: Local authorities, service providers and general public of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Romania

Please follow the link for more information: https://urbanfoundation.am/jul-2020-jul-2022-beeco-joint-actions-for-environmental-protection-in-black-sea-basin/