From Mowing to “Vardavar” Three-Day Festival in Ijevan

From Mowing to “Vardavar” Three-Day Festival in Ijevan

Within the framework of the EU4Culture program funded by the European Union, on July 20-22, 2023, Ijevan Community Hall will hold a three-day cultural festival titled “From Mowing to “Vardavar””, based on the conceptual idea of “We and Our mountains” Project. The festival will be held in the communities of Ijevan, Khashtarak, Achajur and Berkaber, with the participation of all residents of the communities.

The purpose of the Festival is to boost activity of the cultural and economic life of the multi-settlement community of Ijevan and to ensure the development of cooperative approach and cultural industry by means of such initiatives. A three-day comprehensive cultural and entertainment agenda awaits the residents and guests of the Community.

July 20, Ijevan/Khashtarak: Day 1 starts with “Crafts and Art” fair of local products, performance of a tightrope walker, exhibition of painting and handicrafts, master classes, creation of large canvas titled “Our Ijevan”, showcase of traditional games of Tavush Region, and a concert. On the same day, the Khashtarak Community is organizing a hiking to the Khashtarak Mountain, a mowing contest based on some episodes from the movie “We and Our Mountains”, a theatre performance at “Dati Qar” (“the Stone of Court”), an open-air movie screening and a disco.

July 21, Achajur: A trip to Makaravank Monastery, exhibition and sale of harvests and handicrafts, evening service, a concert, large bonfire.

July 22, Berkaber: Fair with an exhibition of harvests, a tightrope walker performance, exhibition of painting and handicrafts, master classes, performances, a concert, movie screening, disco, and of course, traditional “Vardavar”.

For questions and additional information, you can apply to:

Lilit Ghalumyan/ Head of Education, Culture, Sports, Youth, Social Support and Healthcare Department of the Ijevan Community Hall.

Tel.: +374 94 464500