EU4Culture/IjevanCDS: “Grants Management” seminar in Ijevan

EU4Culture/IjevanCDS: “Grants Management” seminar in Ijevan

The municipality of Ijevan and the “Urban” Sustainable Development Foundation (UFSD) invited the winners of the small grants competition to participate in the “Grants Management” seminar within the framework of EU4Culture “We and  are Our Mountains” project.12 representatives were selected from the enlarged Ijevan community for the seminar: individual entrepreneurs, initiative groups, public and private sector representatives. They actively participated in the seminar, acquired and enriched knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of grant management.Thanks to the active discussions of the trainer Diana Petrosyan, the participants learned the responsibilities related to the effective management of grant funds. During the seminar the following components were discussed.

  • Grant requirements.

During   the   seminar   the specific requirements and expectations      with Small     Grants were discussed including reporting, budget management and compliance with grant procedures.

  • Financial management

Grantees were introduced to proper financial management including how to design and manage the budget, track expenditures and report about grant funds.

  • Reporting and documentation

Grantees were introduced   to the reporting process, including the types of documents and progress reports to be submitted. 

  • Compliance and accountability

 Grantees were presented reference about legal and ethical issues, including the eligibility of the grant, the intended use and provision of the grant and the prevention of any abuse of funds.

  • Communication with the grant provider organization.

How to effectively communicate with the grantee including any necessary updates, changes or requests for extensions or modifications were discussed.

At the end of the seminar, grant contracts were signed.

You can see pictures covering the event: