March 2017- June 2020: PURE Water: Participatory Utilization and Resource Efficiency of Water

The goal of the Project is to contribute to the increase of water productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as foster behavioral change to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in the Ararat Valley.

Component 1: Policy and Regulatory Improvements to Foster Citizen Participation
Component 2: Participation in and oversight of water resources management
Component 3: Public Awareness Education and Behavioral Change
Component 4: Small-Scale Water Infrastructure Pilots Projects.

Target Communities: Vedi, P.Vedi, Aygavan, Burastan, Berkanush (Ararat Region) and Aratashen, Aknalitch, Guy, Griboyedov, Yeghegnut, Yeraskhahun (Armavir Region)
Total number of population: 40,000

Milestones reached

6 communities in Ararat region (Vedi, Pokr Vedi, Burastan, Berkanush, Khachpar, Aygavan)
6 communities in Armavir region (Guy, Griboyedov, Yeghegnut, Yeraskhahun, Aratashen, Aknalitch)
5 small-scale pilot water infrastructure projects
5,500 people have 24-hour water supply in Aratashen and Yeghegnut communities of Armavir marz
13,500 people enjoy cleaner air in Vedi (Ararat region) as green areas increase thanks to the installed drip irrigation system
5,000 people will benefit from improved irrigation system in Pokr Vedi and Khachpar (Ararat region)
2,240 trained residents
1,740 -participants in town-hall meetings
8300 people voiced on necessity of improvement of water management and use
6,300 people are aware of efficient water management and use through awareness campaigns
2,000 public information materials were delivered
2,000,000 people in the Republic of Armenia became aware of the Ararat Valley problem via different media (PSAs, TV programs, FB, electronic news)
5 legal acts drafted.

Funding organization: USAID
Country Water Partnership NGO
Environmental Law and Research Center YSU