Sep-Nov 2018 – Environment and me: Environmental education (ToT) for Vanadzor educators

Support Vanadzor municipality to promote environmental education among pre-school and school children and public awareness on waste reduction.
1) Development, printing and dissemination of awareness raising materials
2) Organisation of 4 training sessions
Public awareness raising materials (3 leaflets/1 poster) on reduction/minimizing waste generation are elaborated and printed for Vanadzor municipality.
4 trainings on Environmental education/waste management are organized for representatives of 24 schools and 20 kindergartens of Vanadzor.
48 school teachers and 40 kindergarten teachers are equipped with knowledge and techniques to conduct environmental education lessons regarding waste management.
48 school teachers and 40 kindergartens teachers are equipped with necessary literature to conduct environmental education classes and raise awareness of children on waste management issues.

Funding organization: GIZ