May-Oct 2013 – Plastic free Kapan

This project aimed to reduce plastic waste in Kapan by improving municipal waste management and enhancement of public awareness and education. This project aimed at addressing the waste problem in a more effective way through better organization and institutional assistance.
The project established sorting of plastic bottles instead of throwing them in with general waste or disposing of them in nature. 90 bins for plastic waste and 42 bins for general waste were installed in Kapan, 12 spaces for placing waste bins were renovated, and a storage facility for collecting and pressing plastic bottles was renovated and equipped. The reusable shopping bags production team, comprised of 30 low income women who had sewing machines and the necessary skill to create reusable bags, proceeded with
great enthusiasm and produced quality work. The reusable shopping bags were distributed among local shops and supermarkets, to raise awareness and enhance plastic free behavior patterns. While such efforts alone would not solve the problem of excessive harm made by plastic bags to the environment, the project helped promote the culture of reusable shopping bags in the community and greater awareness. The model is not complicated and replication should be feasible in most situations.

Funding organization : UNDP UN Global Environmental Facility (GEF) SG