May 2021- May 2024 Provision of Technical Assistance to Vanadzor Municipality in international donor project development and management

Under this the Urban Foundation provides a diverse technical assistance to the Vanadzor Municipality to increase its capacities (relevant departments and staff) in promoting the resilient, self-sufficient, cooperative and professional entity.

Directions of the technical assistance:

  • to build the capacities of the municipal entities and staff in donor project management․
  • to provide technical assistance to the implementation of the projects supported under the international organizations and donors․
  • to build a strong capacity of mastering bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors’ contracting and reporting procedures․
  • to increase capacities of the municipalities in resource mobilization.

Funding: Vanadzor Municipality

Partners: Vanadzor and Gyumri Municipalities

Beneficiaries: Vanadzor and Gyumri municipalities, and population