Dec 2016 – Feb 2020։ Turning Environmental Challenges into Opportunities: Introducing Construction Materials from Plastic Waste

The overall objective of the proposed Action is to contribute to balanced social and economic development of Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions by introducing innovative technology and diversifying economic opportunities.

The following Specific Objectives support the Overall Objective:
Specific Objective 1: To create capacities for production of construction materials using plastic waste.
Specific Objective 2: To reduce unemployment by creating jobs, including quality jobs in the new production and affiliated enterprises.
Specific Objective 3: To foster separation of plastic waste by promoting environmental consciousness and behavior change among population.

Output 1: Physical and institutional establishment of a start-up enterprise.
Output 2 : Capacity development of target affiliated enterprises.
Output 3 : Capacity development of job seekers for their eventual employment in the start-up and waste management companies in target communities.
Output 4։ Elaboration and implementation of public education and visibility plan.
Output 5 ։ Promotion of the new products in the construction market.

Funding organization: European Union Pilot Regional Development
Programme (PRDP) – Armenia
Countries/Regions/Communities: 8 communities of Syunik and Vayots
Dzor Regions
50 people received education for job
35 new employment created
15 enterprises raised their competitiveness

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