Dec 2014 – Mar 2016: Support to Social Sector Reforms in Armenia

The goal of the project was to promote an improved and sustained social protection system in Armenia effectively responsive to the needs and concerns of citizen.

The Urban Foundation was involved in the Citizen Engagement component and oversaw the monitoring of the pension system reform. Activities under that component were directed not only to facilitate the
information flow, but also introduced more advanced levels of participation–consulting, deliberating and partnering.

The activities carried out by the Urban Foundation aimed to improve the partner CSOs’ knowledge and skills in citizen participation, leadership and monitoring. The trainings helped CSOs to effectively communicate their concerns and views regarding social reforms at national and local level. The Urban Foundation also assisted local authorities to realize the importance of the added value of civic engagement, to plan and implement their activities using participatory approach.

Funding organization: USAID
Countries/Regions/Communities: Armenia
Partners: Mission Armenia, Child Development Foundation, Counterpart International