80 participants in the first module of Academy of Local Workers

80 participants in the first module of Academy of Local Workers

The number Local Leaders Team (LLT) members formed within the framework of CapSLoc program exceeds 70 participants. The Academy of local workers is designed specifically for LLT members, aiming to enhance their leadership skills to contribute to community development.

Towards the end of September, the first module of the Academy of Local Workers was conducted for the second group. e first module of the local workers’ academy for the second group took place. This group saw the active participation of over 60 LLT members and local government representative.

17 years old Nerses from Voskehask settlement of Akhuryan consolidated community, who is one of the 70 members of LLT, says that the Academy was a good opportunity to learn new things, especially about local self-government and leadership. “It was the first time I participated in the training, and the approaches and knowledge I gained, I’m sure will be of significant importance in my future endeavors. I have always been in search of a chance to acquire knowledge that I can subsequently share with the younger generations in our village and the broader community. It appears that this opportunity was a valuable one,” says Nerses and adds that in the near future he will be arranging information sessions in the village alongside other LLT members with the aim of sharing information with their fellow villagers.

The entire course of the Academy was filled with trainings, practical works and exercises, through which the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the principles of good governance, valuable involvement in local self-government, evidence-based local policies, leadership approaches and many other topics that will help them become change makers in their communities.

Satenik Vanoyan, who heads the educational and cultural NGO “Arev-Van” operating in the Arevik settlement of Akhuryan community and is engaged in activities related to the development of children and youth, notes that the participation in the Academy made it possible to form and develop a sense of ownership towards the community development leading to a more attentive and caring approach to it. “This is a good opportunity to improve our abilities and be ready to respond to the challenges of the time with knowledge and skills. As a result of participating in the Academy, I had the opportunity to develop my knowledge base and acquire a lot of new information and skills, which I will definitely use for the empowerment of our village and the entire community,” says Ms. Satenik, adding that she feels more confident to act as a leader in the community.

Thus, the first phase of Academy of Local Workers concluded in September, with a total of 80 participants, 75 of whom were LLT members.