2012 Jan – 2012 Jun – Clean Alliance: Plastic Free Environment for Sisian and Neighboring Communities

Goal: To contribute to the improvement of solid waste management of Sisian and neighboring communities through collaborative activities of the community residents and local governments.
Outcome 1: Consensus among community stakeholders to jointly work to mitigate a community problem of common interest – namely waste management: Signed MoU.
Outcome 2: More educated, informed and involved residents (including youth) with knowledge and behavior about environmentally friendly ways of dealing with solid waste.
Outcome 3: Clearer vision towards waste management for future: improved strategic plan.
Outcome 4: Plastic waste separation practices are set for the first time in Syunik region; necessary infrastructure for plastic separation is in place.
Outcome 5: Gain by other urban communities of Syunik region from good practices of Sisian community and lessons learnt about challenges encountered.

Funding organization: USAID/Counterpart Internationa