March 2017- March 2020: PURE Water: Participatory Utilization and Resource Efficiency of Water

The goal of the Project is to contribute to the increase of water productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as foster behavioral change to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in the Ararat Valley.

Component 1: Policy and Regulatory Improvements to Foster Citizen Participation
Component 2: Participation in and oversight of water resources management
Component 3: Public Awareness Education and Behavioral Change
Component 4: Small-Scale Water Infrastructure Pilots Projects

Target Communities: Vedi, P.Vedi, Aygavan, Burastan, Berkanush (Ararat Region) and Aratashen, Aknalitch, Guy, Griboyedov, Yeghegnut, Yeraskhahun (Armavir Region)
Total number of population: 40,000

Milestones reached

People educated: 1,450/3.6%  (47% — women,  54% — youth)- Schools, water and health, citizen participation, monitoring, advocacy, phone survey, journalism, integrated water management, participatory budget.
Residents participating in community meetings: 1,700/4.2% (55% — women, 20% — youth) — Public hearings, town halls, community meetings  — strategy development, small infrastructure projects, water meters, social audit.
People voicing the necessity for water management improvements: 5,272/13.2% — Fish-farms, citizen scientists, citizen journalists, media articles, social audit, advocacy, awareness events, town-halls, study tours, changes in legislation.
People engaged in advocacy interventions at the local level: 1,370/3.4% — Vedi, Pokr Vedi, Aygavan, Yeraskhahun Drinking water, irrigation water contracts.
People reached out by awareness campaigns in the target  community: 2,200/5.5%
Events and festivals; educational workshops; peer to peer exchange among communities; Educational tours to fisheries, artesian wells; Direct mail on special days.
Public information materials delivered: 1900/4.8% — Overview: Ararat Valley Water Resources;  Q&A drinking and irrigation water; Citizen participation; Water Users Rights and Responsibilities; Best practices of fish farms, desktop calendar, bookmarks for children.
People reached out nationwide: 603,000 — Yerkir Media, Hetq, Websites, FB pages.
Legal support: 2 — Assessment, Strategy, Road map, legal drafting. Infrastructure projects: 2 (+3 ) — Aratashen, Yeghegnut (Vedi, Pokr Vedi, Khachpar).
CSOs involved: Around 25 — Taskforce, Water Sector Public Advocacy Network (WPAN), small grants.
Funding organization: USAID
Country Water Partnership NGO
Environmental Law and Research Center YSU

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