2015-2016 – Citizen Participation Initiatives: Support to consolidating local democracy in Armenia

Provision of expert support for the Citizen Participation Initiative Programme for partner municipalities within the framework of the Council of Europe “Support to Consolidating Local Democracy in Armenia.”

The purpose of the assignment is:
1.Present to the community stakeholders (separate meetings with mayor, municipal staff, councilors, community activists and civil society) the strategies for citizen participation initiatives
2.Co-Facilitate the session moderating the discussion and coaching participant stakeholders in the finalization of the strategy for the citizen participation initiatives and drafting an action plan for its implementation
3. Assist the international expert and provide your input and advice for finalizing the draft strategies for the citizen consultation process for the 4 communities.
4. Coaching the communities in the preparation of the citizen participation initiatives.
5. Providing guidance and assistance to the communities in the implementation of citizen initiatives based on the timelines mentioned in the strategies and action plans.
6.Draft a final report for the Council of Europe presenting the participation process organised in the communities and its phases, assessing the methodology adopted, comparing objectives and results achieved, and providing recommendations for future implementation of similar initiatives.

Funding: Council of Europe.