Sep 2014 – Feb 2015 – Common Issues Common Solutions: Armenian-Turkish youth initiates a new housing solution for the earthquake displaced in Van, Turkey

Overall objective:
Share alternative social housing experience with Turkish counterparts to address housing needs of displaced people form Van earthquake area.

Specific objectives:
• Transferring knowledge and methodology on housing purchase certificates (HPC) model to young Turkish housing specialists, as well as experts and local governments
• Exchange visits of professionals of each other’s country to get acquainted with housing solutions

Expected results:
• Turkish young professionals have knowledge on a new social housing model.
• Turkish young professionals have skills for HPC program implementation.
• Van local government will have alternative approach for addressing housing needs for earthquake displaced households.
• Formed relationship between Armenian and Turkish young housing professionals, universities, experts, housing and local authorities.

Target groups:
Young housing specialists from Armenia and Turkey, housing /urban development professors from architectural departments of Armenian and Turkish universities, Van local government including housing and urban development departments.

Funding: EU/Eurasia Partnership Foundation