Jul 2014 – Dec 2014 – At the Crossroads: Discourse over Armenia’s European and/Eurasian perspectives

The project was funded by Friedrich Ebert Schiftung

The total budget of the project is €19,000.

Overall objective: To fill the lack of information and awareness of active youth and students about perspectives of Armenia regarding Customs Union and European association.

Specific objective: Through a series of seminars and round table discussions help regional young activist groups to formulate their own judgment about democratic values and economic benefits of both perspectives with engagement of top notch national experts as speakers.

Expected results:
• Organize 6 series of seminars in different locations of Armenia (around 180 participants)
• Conduct one final workshop with the most active and knowledgeable participants
• Develop a comprehensive manual on democratic values and local democracy

Target groups:
Young activists, university students, teachers, NGO leaders.