Sep.2009 – Dec.2009 – European Integration and Gender Issues

The goal of the project was to promote better understanding of the European integration as well as improve relations between Armenian and Turkish woman activists by initiating dialogue and discussion between them about gender issues in the light of European integration of the two countries. 

UFSD’s Turkish partner in this project was Marmara Educators Association. Both organizations as a first step produced video vox-pops in two capitals asking the passers-by to tell how they perceive the current and future relations of the two neighbors.

Later the Turkish delegation visited Armenia, met with women parliamentarians, female students of the Turkish Department of Yerevan State University, along with their Armenian counterparts participated seminar and TV program about women issues.

Report – files/Report_Project-Yerevan.pdf

Funding: British Embassy in Armenia


Marmara Educators Associations (Turkey);

TheJournalist and Writers Foundation (Turkey);

European Integration NGO (Armenia)