Apr.-Dec. 2005 – EQZRP: TA to GoAM

The Project was intended to provide technical assistance to the Armenian Government agencies responsible for the implementation of the scheme, i.e., the Ministry of Urban Development and the Lori and Shirak Regions Governors’ Offices. The beneficiaries were families who lost their apartments as a consequence of the 1988 earthquake and were on the housing waiting list. UFSD staff provided effective support to Task Forces within the Lori and Shirak Regions Governors’ Offices in preparing the documents of Project beneficiaries, transparently disseminating information on the Project and raising public awareness.

As a result of implementing the Project, approximately 500 housing purchase certificates were issued in the cities of Gyumri and Stepanavan. UFSD staff conducted a comprehensive review of the city waiting lists of families and presented findings to the Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Armenia.

Funding: USAID

Partner: The Urban Institute