Aug 2012 – Feb 2013 – Learning Through Competing: Human rights knowledge contest in Syunik

The goal of the project is to encourage young activists to adhere democratic values and to inspire them to build capacity for promotion, protection and implementation of human rights through innovative learning methods.

Main activities of the project:

Orientation meetings in target communities – Goris, Kapan, and Meghri to introduce with the goal and activities of the project

Developing training modules and selecting participants

Conducting the first “Town” round of the knowledge contest in all target cities using internet technologies

Conducting the second “Marz” round of the knowledge contest: “Town” teams comprising of 5 members each will meet face to face in the Final. a jury comprising of human rights experts will judge the contest. 5 best contestants will get valuable prizes. They will make “Marz” team which will challenge other “Marz” teams in future actions.

Outcomes of the project:

At least 100 activists improved knowledge and capacity to promote, protect and implement human rights

Interest is sparked towards human rights issues in the involved communities through organizing series of knowledge contests on human rights.

Funding: British Embassy, Yerevan.