Integrated Community Development

March 2017 – March 2020 PURE-Water: Participatory Utilization and Resource Efficiency of Water

The Ararat Valley is the largest depository of high quality natural groundwater which is vital not only for Armenia but also for the region. All stakeholders, including the government and CSOs, recognize the dreadful situation of water resource management in the Ararat Valley. Due to poor management a lot of communities in Ararat valley have extremely limited access to drinking and irrigation water. Demand to irrigation water increases due to the climate change and over issuance of water user permits leading to sharp depletion of groundwater resources. There is poor public participation and awareness in water resource management process, while involving residents of the Ararat Valley in the decision-making process will lead to quality and informed decisions thus ensuring public acceptance of adopted decisions.

The goal of the Activity is to increase water productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as foster behavioral change to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in the Ararat Valley.

Component 1: Policy and Regulatory Improvements
Component 2: Participation in and oversight of water resources management
Component 3: Public Awareness Education and Behavioral Change
Component 4: Small-Scale Water Infrastructure Pilots Projects

Lead: The Urban Foundation
Partners: Country Water Partnership; Yerevan State University Ecological Law Resource Center

Funding: USAID

The Project One-Pager
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The Project Launch: Press Release
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Dec 2016 – Dec 2018 – Turning Environmental Challenges into Opportunities: Introducing construction materials from plastic waste

The purpose of the project is to promote balanced economic development in RA Syunik and Vayots Dzor regions by introducing innovative technologies and ensuring diversity for economic opportunities.

The project is implemented in partnership with Kapan municipality, Hai Consult Foundation, Competitive Society NGO under EU PRDP (Pilot Regional Development Programme) and will create 35 new full time jobs with at least 2 years of sustainability period.
By the end of this action, it is expected to have 15 enterprises with increased competitiveness, 9 enterprises (selling plastic) with increased annual turnover by 25%, 9 enterprises with increased employment by 15%, 1 start up generates employment by 100% (with full increase from 0 baseline).

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