Democratization and human rights

May 1- Nov 30 – A step Ahead: Empowering former participants of FES seminars to become Experts on Armenia-EU integration issues

The goal of the project is to further build capacities of young activists – participants of previous seminars supported by FES, to upgrade and systemize their knowledge about EU-Armenia relations to act as trainers and focal points in the regions of Armenia.

The following results will be achieved:
– 30 persons will upgrade and systemize their knowledge about Armenia’s recent European integration: they will produce position papers based on their knowledge obtained from previous seminars/workshops stating how they can contribute to increased awareness of population about Armenia-EU issues
– Selected 10-15 participants will be ask to elaborate mini-project based on their papers, describing in what way they will disseminate information about Armenia’s integration issues with EU
– Selected 10-15 participants will be supported to carry out their mini-projects
– 10 participants will have an opportunity to visit EU/CoE offices in Europe

Apr 2015 – Dec 2015 – At the Crossroads: Discourse over Armenia’s European and/Eurasian perspectives

The goal of the project is to fill the lack of information and awareness about perspectives of Armenia’s political and economic development vectors and provide debating skills to participants. Through series of seminars and workshops the project will help regional activist groups to formulate their own judgment about democratic values and economic perspectives of the country.

This project will build on the previous similar initiative successfully implemented in 2014 funded by F. Ebert Foundation thanks to which a dynamic group of young informed activists was formed representing different regions of Armenia. This new project along with new participants, will at some point engage also participants from the previous project thus creating strong synergy and impact of projects funded by the F. Ebert Foundation.