Public-Private Partnership in the Framework of the Clean Alliance Project

The Clean Alliance project which is funded by the European Union and is implemented by the Urban Foundation and its partner communities of Goris, Gorayq and Sisian, marked its first successful cooperation with the American Contour Global Company. As a responsible company, the Contour Global covered the costs for purchasing necessary goods and equipment for the clean upevent, it also reprinted the Urban Foundation’s brochure for children about adverse impact of plastic waste,as well as posters with environmental messages.This is one of very few examples of partnership between public, private and non-profit entities in Armenia in which mutually beneficial collaboration is as important as the invested resources.
The clean up day was a big event in Goris– a city which is becoming a nicer place to live in from day to day. The solders and the officers of Goris military base also took part in the event along with residents by engaging in the difficult sites. They wished to start separation of plastic waste in their garrison and raise awareness among solders about environmental aspects of waste.
Separation of plastic from solid household garbage has now started in Goris, Gorayq and Sisian communities. The Clean Alliance project has provided necessary infrastructure to facilitate the process – 105 bins for separation of plastic and 260 containers for general waste, 2 garbage trucks. Soon balers will be purchased to reduce volume of collected plastic waste to ease its transportation to the recycling plant.

Good News for Talin

Open lesson at Talin’s 2nd main school.
49 students from 8th and 9th grade participated in the lesson. The aim of the lesson was to introduce the concept of the Green Talin and encourage schoolchildren to present their own ideas about improving the environment.
We started the lesson with a good news: ‘Your city, Talin, is chosen by the ministry of the Nature Protection as a place to implement the ‘green town’ concept. We have come to tell you what it means. Indeed, what do you think it means?’ Students named about 10 characteristics which, in their opinion feature a green town. Then they discussed which of those characteristics they can contribute to themselves and right away.
Afterwards, participants started discussing the issue of waste, its local and global impact. It was announced that in the frame of the Green Talinseparation of plastic waste and reduction of plastic shopping bags will be initiated. Students expressed their readiness to become green patrols in their town. As a first step, before needed infrastructure is in place, they decided that they can prevent plastic bottle caps from appearing in the nature by collecting them at school.
We are glad to note that the participating schoolchildren were quite knowledgeable thanks to their teacher Ms. Susan Karapetyan.