Europe Day in Kapan

Demonstration of the EU funded ‘Turning Environmental Challenges into Opportunities’ action had a central position at the Europe Day celebration in Kapan on May 26. Ambassador Piotr Switalski made enquires about the progress of the Action and promised to keep it in sight: “I will check”, he said.

The action creates conditions and infrastructures for producing building materials such as pavement curbs, roof tiles, blocks, etc. from sand-polymer mixture using plastic waste which will be collected in Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions and transferred to the start up enterprise located in Kapan. The action has gained steam now: hundreds of containers are purchased for general garbage and plastic waste, balers are installed in 5 communities, one of the the two trucks is in place. Currently, the procurement of the production line is in process. The Action will create 35 new jobs and will contribute to improving environmental situation by reducing plastic that end up in nature.