March 13, 2018, Visit to Diyarbakir, Turkey, within the framework of the CLEAN DIALOGUE: Exchange of Best Practices in Plastic Waste Management between Armenia and Turkey CSOs and Practitioners

On March 13, 2018 UFSD representatives organized a preparatory trip to Diyarbakir, Turkey. The purpose of the trip was to understand overall situation with plastic waste separation and recycling in Turkey and to discuss with the counterparts from Turkey the organization of the upcoming workshop in Diyarbakir, as well as involvement of the partner and experts from Turkey in different phases of the project. UFSD representatives visited plastic waste separation company Cevsan, one of the plastic waste separation companies in Diyarbakir having a license from the government to collect plastic waste from one of the districts of the city. Next meeting was organized on programmatic issues. The Union of Diyarbakir Young Businessmen, representatives of Diyarbakir chamber of commerce, businessmen and environmentalists participated in the meeting. UFSD representatives briefly presented the project objectives and expected results. Organizational details were agreed on with the Union of Diyarbakir Young Businessmen. An environmental expert from Turkey Abbas Buyuktash was identified who will prepare and present the situation and best practices of waste recycling in Turkey and will work on the Turkey section of the project best practice booklet. Board representatives of the Chamber of Commerce made commitments to invite relevant businesses during the workshops in Turkey and Armenia. UFSD representatives also visited a recycling plant in Diyarbakir and saw the process of production of new goods. The model of mixture of sand and plastic for production of new goods (which is going to be piloted in Kapan, Armenia) is not widespread in Turkey. Experts and businessmen from Turkey mentioned only Marash and Adana, that use similar technology. The head of the recycling company also was willing to participate in the workshops within the project.