Public Service Announcement preparation contest

Terms of Reference for Providing Video Material Production Services to the PURE-Water project
The Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development (UFSD) solicits applications from Consultants (individual or organization) for fulfilling assignments described below in the framework of the PURE-Water project funded by USAID.

The Objective and the Scope of the Assignment

The overall objective of the PURE-Water Activity is to increase water productivity, efficiency, and quality, as well as foster behavioral change to reduce the rate of groundwater extraction in the Ararat Valley.
The following are the target communities of the PURE-Water project: Vedi, Pokr Vedi, Aygavan, Burastan Berkanush, Khachpar (Ararat Marz) and Aknalich, Yeghegnut, Aratashen, Yeraskhahun, Guy, Griboyedov (Armavir Marz).
The objective of the assignment is to produce Public Service Announcements and have them aired to support behavioral change communication campaigns and public education campaigns aiming at raising public awareness to water challenges in the Ararat Valley and potential solutions thus fostering behavioral change among water users and managers.
Both legal entities and physical persons can participate in the tender. The applicants shall use their creativity to convey through video materials key messages that have been identified by the PURE-Water project in the course of brainstorming sessions and focus group discussions with participation of different stakeholders. Apart from general public, the PSAs shall target specific audiences, such as industries using large volumes of water and water sector managers.
Within the framework of this assignment the contractor shall perform the following tasks:
1. Propose a concept and format for producing 3 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) illustrating messages identified by the PURE-Water project. The PURE-Water team will provide guidance and input necessary to finalize the concept.
2. Produce 3 PSAs and test them
3. Organize airing of the PSAs on one of the national TV channels based on the time schedule provided by PURE-Water (how many times).
The following deliverables must be submitted in Armenian and English:
∙ Finalized concept of the PSAs in Armenian and English
∙ 3 PSAs on electronic devices

Duration of the assignment

The assignment shall be carried out within 12 months starting from signing the contract. Indicative schedule must be as follows:
∙ Developing the concept of the PSAs and their approval – 45 days
∙ Producing PSAs, testing and finalizing – 75 days
∙ Airing – Any time within September 2018-September 2019 in accordance of PURE Water project BCC schedule.
Tentative start of the assignment is May 14, 2018.

Application procedures

Interested applicants shall provide a technical application (based on which, in case of success, the Concept and Work Plan shall be elaborated) and financial application.
The technical application must include the following documents:
∙ Brief description of approach and methods to be applied for the assignment (Max. 1.5 pages)
∙ Description of past experience of the applicant, particularly, the list of relevant/similar assignments/projects implemented during last 5 years (including contact information of the relevant representative of funding organization)(Max. 1 page).
∙ Links with examples of produced PSAs or other video materials
∙ Description of the available equipment to be used during the shooting and postproduction
∙ CVs of the key creative team members
∙ Copies of the applicant’s valid state registration documents in case of legal entities.
The financial application will include budget estimate, per task breakdown and the budget narrative (max 1 page).

Evaluation of Applications

80% of the total score will go to the technical application
∙ Creativity – approach and format 30%
∙ Past experience 25%
∙ Available equipment 15%
∙ Capacity of proposed experts and trainers 30%
20% of the total score will go to the financial application.
The financial application should not exceed AMD 4.500.000
Interested applicants shall submit the requested documents electronically to the following address: by COB April 20, 2018.