Participatory Budgeting Trainings

In the period of November 21-December 1, 2017, in the framework of USAID-funded PURE-Water project, Participatory Budgeting Expert Gevorg Yeghiazaryan, conducted a series of trainings on “Participatory Budgeting and Transparent Governance” for the 12 project communities in Ararat and Armavir marzes: Vedi, Pokr Vedi, Aygavan, Burastan, Berkanush, Khachpar, Aratashen, Aknalich, Griboyedov, Yeghegnut, Yeraskhahun, and Gay.

The trainings incorporated community heads, financial officers, secretaries, members of Community Working Groups, as well as and PURE-Water project team. The main topics covered at the trainings included the concept of a community budget, its purpose, types of budgets, the principles for proper democratic governance on the local level, types of democracy, the principles of indirect (representative) and direct (participatory) democracy, etc. The importance of organizing public hearings, as a means of ensuring transparent governance and public participation in decision making processes, was stressed out by the trainer. All the 12 trained communities will further on receive hands-on support and guidance by the Expert in the organization of the public hearings in their respective communities.