Training and Technical Assistance for 12 Partner Communities for Developing Small-scale Water Infrastructure Improvement Projects

On November 10-13, 2017, local government representatives, community active groups’ members and heads of 12 communities of Ararat and Armavir marzes (Aygavan, Berqanush, Burastan, Khachpar, Poqr Vedi, Vedi, Aratashen, Aknalich, Yeraskhahun, Yeghegnut, Griboyedov and Gai) selected in the framework of USAID-funded PURE-Water project, participated in the training on Development of project proposals for grant program.
During the training, the participants learnt how to formulate the goal, objectives and results of the project proposal, how to justify the project, project feasibility, as well as the need to use water-saving and energy saving technologies in the project proposal. Other topics included in the training were project sustainability, risk reduction, innovation, management and funding.

The organisers of the training highlighted the importance of making the proposal competitive, as well as proving its importance and benefit for the residents. They also encouraged the participants not to withhold, but to ask questions, to be persistent.

The participants had the opportunity to work in groups and make presentations of their work.
ASPIRED project representatives also introduced the requirements for submission of the project proposal, as well as the required documents.

Heads of communities thanked the organisers and evaluated the training as constructive and useful.
The project is implemented by Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development in cooperation with Country Water Partnership NGO and YSU Environmental Law Resource Centre.