Oct 2015 -May 2017 – Common Solutions to Shared Concerns: Improvement of Solid Waste management Services in Ijevan and Bolnisi

The project aims to improve solid waste management services provided for the residents of Ijevan (Tavush Region, RoA) and Bolnisi (Kvemo Kartli Region, RoG) through jointly developing policies and introducing practices in the field.
As a result of the project the partner communities will have a solid waste management policy, residents/stakeholders knowledgeable and informed about efficient waste management, and separated plastic waste in place in Ijevan and Bolnisi.


PSA in Armenian and in Georgian

Documentary: From Challenges to Opportunities

Films: Improvement of solid waste management in Ijevan and Bolnisi:

Prepared by Ijevan Municipality

Prepared by Bolnisi Municipality

SWM in Armenia-legal analysis (in Armenian)
SWM-Armenia-Study of Legal Framework-final

SWM in Georgia-legal analysis (in Georgian)
SWM-Georgia-Study of Legal Framework-final

SWM Strategic Plan for Ijevan (in Armenian)

SWM Strategic Plan for Bolnisi (in Georgian)
Bolnisi WMAP_26.07.2016-final

SWM in Ijevan and Bolnisi – Baseline Study (summary)

Project leaflet