Mar-Jul 2014 – Advocacy for legal regulation of usage of plastic shopping bags

For the first time in Armenia UFSD initiated advocacy campaign aiming at development of legal/regulatory framework for enforcing reduction of plastic shopping bags. The campaign included studying the entire legal field regulating waste management, identifying gaps that are necessary to fill in for enforcement of reduction of plastic shopping bags, introduction of the findings in a series of round tables including with the relevant commission of the Nation Assembly, development of a policy paper, as well as initiating petition and campaigning in social media, coverage of the issue in broadcast media.

Main activities were as follows:
1. Studying national legal framework for identifying gaps for enforcement of reduction of plastic shopping bags
2. Creation of a steering group for discussing proposals for filling in legal gaps
3.Presenting the proposal for amendments to the relevant committee of the National Assembly
4. Workshop with participation of the government officials
5. On-line petition ”No-to Plastic”
6. Production and airing of public service announcements

Funding: USAID/Counterpart International